H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf is Sweden’s highest paid performance artist!
Half a century ago, he acceded the silver throne and declared his kingly intention to reign “For Sweden – With the times”. This year, all of Sweden celebrate His Majesty’s personal monopoly on practicing the royal profession. On September the 19:th, to the day fifty years after the king’s speech from the throne, His Serene Highness Prince Frei and the performance art platform Das Prinzwerk delivers a new sovereign’s speech – this time from Götaplatsen in Gothenburg. We proclaim an independent rivalling mini-monarchy whose borders encompass all of the city district Lorensberg. After THE SOVEREIGN’S SPEECH, H.S.H. Prince Frei and Das Prinzwerk, invite the audience and passers-by to apply for citizenship in the new micronation.


Date: September 19:th
Location: Götaplatsen, Gothenburg
Time performance: 15:01 – 15:20
Citizenship applications: 15:30 – 18:00
Participators: Das Prinzwerk and guests



Treat yourself like Royalty – buy your own throne! THE SOVEREIGN’S SPEECH is delivered from the top of a one-day installation on Götaplatsen, in the form of a tower built from *real* thrones (certified by das Prinzwerk and signed by H.S.H. Prince Frei!). After the SPEECH you may buy a throne for an optional sum. All the money raised is donated to the organisation Maskrosbarn – for every child’s right to a safe upbringing.




The city district Lorensberg is a cultural centre in Scandinavia, and the seat of several important institutions for art, culture and education. Every creation of a centre, however, simultaneously establishes a periphery and a new order that regulates which bodies, dreams, images and words are allowed to exist in the place. 

Let’s entertain the idea, that a whole city district suddenly launches itself from its embedment in the established social geography, and takes off in a new direction… What happens to an area when the winds of playfulness, art, culture and friendship fill the sails to push the ship forwards to new and unexpected adventures? Through the performative act of delivering THE SOVEREIGN’S SPEECH, we wield a wild and ancient magic! We invoke the powers of imagination and freedom in order to rename, and recast, the central district of Lorensberg as the independent micronation Lorenzburg – The Pearl by the Sea.

A pearl argent under an open crown, also argent, shall
be the nation’s emblem now, and henceforth. The same
motif is displayed on the Coat of Arms and the blue flag
which shall be called “Mariflamme” – The Flame of the Sea.




THE SOVEREIGNS SPEECH is a trans-media performance that is played out within the narrative universe of the double monarchy of Lorenzburg. The extended Lorenzburg project takes place in the city districts of Lorensberg in Gothenburg and Karlstad, and it deals with themes of longing for home, belonging and collective play. The project arises in the intersection between culture, trade, performance art and storytelling. This event is part of GIBCA EXTENDED.


Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) is an international contemporary art event taking place every two years in Gothenburg. Each biennial consists of several extensive exhibitions in Gothenburg’s established cultural institutions and in the public space.

GIBCA Extended is both a network and a public program that gathers the contemporary art scenes and venues of Västra Götaland Region. Each edition of GIBCA Extended offers a platform for artists, curators, galleries and art spaces. Their individual programs and exhibitions consolidate and explore new perspectives on the biennal’s theme. About GIBCA